Wednesday, October 6, 2004

Baby Bird

Our little Josephine is growing. My mother told me when our Jackie was a few months old how remarkable the life cycle was during the first year. She told me with her motherly wisdom that a child will change more in the first year of life then any other year in their lifetime. Wow, that was such a profound statement.

Today I experienced something new. It's been four years since I became a father, and I am so overwhelmed by having two angels that I sometimes think I must be in a heavenly dream. Today I was holding Josephine, and she was eagerly following Ms. Jackie with her interested eyes. Josie wants to know what is going on. She realizes she cannot be fully engaged in social activity, but she is committed to making a contribution, even if it means that intense stare she will give. While following Jackie, Josie burped. Jackie recognized Josie's behavior, and if you know her father you know why that burp would signify an open door to the absurd, even to the novice.

Jackie leaned into Josie, and mimicked her burp, looked at Josie, with them both wide eyed. Josie got such a sisterly smile, and just simply giggled. That gleam in her eye was only a gleam that Susie can recognize as a sister, and that I certainly recognize as a brother. What a sight to see, an occurrence to stumble on after a boring's day of work, while taking in the playoff season.

The exchange lasted several minutes, with Jackie continuing to giggle, with Josie eager to match her smile and giggles too. Back and forth they went, completely content to be engaged with each other as siblings I guess can do. I think Josie and Jackie will be great sisters.

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