Monday, October 18, 2004

Baseball as religion in Owensboro?

Ok, if you are remotely a baseball fan, you cannot help to be emotionally moved by the baseball antics of the past three days. Consider these stats from three wild days at Fenway:

• The elapsed game times were 4 hours, 20 minutes; 5:02 and 5:49.

• Thirty-five pitchers combined to throw 1,299 pitches (412 Saturday, 416 Sunday and 471 Monday).

• The Yankees had 27 runs on 46 hits - and left 38 men on base. The Red Sox had 19 runs, 36 hits and left 31 on.

Ok, before I go further, let me make a confession. I'm Catholic, and I'm a Red Sox's fan. At this time you are supposed to tell me what prayers or actions I need to do to assist me in my future endeavors, and to help the Red Sox keep keepin' on.

Ok when I began this blog I had no intention of being sacriligious. Rather I have become a victim to my own recognition of the prayer like, religious like fervor that has swept Red Sox Nation, and won't be too far from good 'ol San Luis (St. Louis for the non-spanish speakers).

I must say I have noticed more religious and prayer metaphor in my focus on the Red Sox-Yankees series over the past few days than in any other series or series of sporting events in my life. The Red Sox Nation has become attached to slogans such as "Keep the Faith" and "We Believe". Could you imagine this type of religious fervor over our very own baseball team in Owensboro? Ah ha you say.....well, maybe we could...

So, uh, are you following the Bring Baseball Back Committee's efforts at bringing professional baseball to Owensboro? As you continue to watch the major league baseball playoffs this year, just think about what could be....on the other hand, I'd hate for us to have a team that is destined to lose, destined to be cursed, and destined to have fans that eat and breathe Owensboro baseball.....just like my beloved Red Sox Nation.

Go Sox!

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