Monday, October 11, 2004

Can Owensboro Build a Free Internet Network?

While the talk of the creative class and its meaning for Owensboro continues, little is left in the way of specifics regarding public and/or private initiatives.  One can only assume that this is a philosophy, an idea, and nothing more.

A few years back there was indeed an effort at increasing high speed internet access to residents in the Owensboro area.  OMU has forged that effort ahead, but the access is limited to residential and small business.  Is it possible to develop a network of wireless access points in the community, whereby small business, residents, and anyone in the community with the proper equipment could access the internet and other high speed services?  Could local government sponsor this initiative along with private investment and support to offer high speed, wireless where desired, internet access at a cost that is substantially lower than current costs, even free?   

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