Friday, December 24, 2004

....wouldn't be a good snow with out large icicles (is that how it's spelled?) hanging from the gutters of the cribs on Chippewa Drive...

I have conquered the Blizzard of '04! Against the wishes of my better half (ahem), I and my faithful compadre, my 4 yr. old daughter Jacquelyn, cleared a path to park at least three cars for X-Mas! Ohhhh Ann, we are waiting for you!!!!!

The beauty of day old snow is something to behold.....NOT!!! You see, it's wonderful for the first day, but once you realize that you are penned in, jailed, cabined, under the restraints of tiddily wink snow, well then things begin to change....all in good gest!

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Well, I made it out in my car (even though there is about five inches of snow under dem tracks. My only problem was I broke a mirror off Susan's car while going the equivalent of 60 mph down the driveway, and I only got hung up once at the end of the street. Thank God for those two wimpersnappers who helped me get on my way. Tis the season to be freakin' jolly!!!!

Notice the high pile of snow on the back of this four door? Talk about the creepies....You can't know how much snow we got without walking through it...

Ahhh yes, holiday cheer, frosty fun, and barely visible Christmas decorations adorn our precious wintery wonderlandscape....

Yeeehhiiiii!!!! How's about 20 inches of snow for ya for Christmas!!!!

Friday, December 17, 2004

To Madison, Blake, Allana, Ben, Tristan (and Madison B. who wasn't there when daddy took this picture) have a safe and happy holiday!!!

To Ms. Kelly, thanks for a great Christmas Party today! I had so much fun with my friends. We got to dance, and we got to make a Christmas card, and it was on Friday.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Ohhhh myyyyy.....Josie has insisted on becoming a part of the holiday season. Even if it means consuming its artifacts!!!

From Jackie and Josie, have a safe and happy holiday season!!!!!

That Josie girl is a silly nilly! She loves knawin' on anything she can put in her mouth. She's a character....