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Hey everybody! It's us again!

The Tracker: November 2005

* Kentucky ranks in the top ten poorest states in the United States. * Rates of smoking are highest in states with higher poverty. * Medicaid recipients have approximately 50% greater smoking prevalence than the overall U.S. population. In 2002, Kentucky was 1 of 15 states which did not include medication coverage for tobacco dependence treatment under Medicaid. * In 2004, Kentucky had the highest adult smoking rate in the country at 28%. * The local adult smoking rate (18 and older) is 26%. The local youth smoking rate (8th-12th graders) is 24%. * From 2001-2003, the percent of adults that tried to quit smoking in Owensboro-Daviess County was 56%. The state percentage was 48%. * In 2004, the number of local manufacturers offering smoking cessation programs to their employees was 52%. The state percentage was 48%. * According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, during 1997-2001, cigarette smoking and exposure to tobacco smoke resu
Hey everybody! Well, it looks like we will be closing on our new house in late December! We are so excited. This is a preliminary picture. Can't wait until you can visit us!

The Profound Role of Leadership: by Gary Hall

All of us have been positively influenced by leaders throughout our lives. Whether they were a Little League coach, youth minister, an inspirational teacher or a wise grandparent, our perceptions and character are formed by these personal relationships. We also have been affected by leadership. Think of how American's collectively feel when it is perceived no one is at the helm of the ship in Washington, D.C.. The challenge of leadership is to successfully bring a critical number of people to a unified conclusion resulting in support for action. Research has shown that the critical number of people needed to cause community change is surprisingly a minimum of thirty percent. When Americans fought and won independence from the British, interestingly enough, it was not by means of unanimous support. In fact, the population was bitterly divided into three equal camps. There were the Tory's, those loyal to the crown, the Revolutionaries fighting for independence, and those