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Public Life Advocate: The Tracker (May 2006)

* Corporatization refers to the homogenization resulting from large private interests (corporations) consuming and/or replacing smaller private and public interests (small businesses and governmental functions). * Corporations have marketed themselves and their interests robustly over time. The total number of registered clients lobbying the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate in 2000 was just over 14,000. In 2004 the number was over 20,000. * In 1998, the total lobbying expenditure at the federal level was $1.43 billion. In 2004, the total was $2.16 billion. * In 1990, General Dynamics (a major defense contractor) made nearly $400,000 in federal campaign contributions (59% to Democrats, 41% to Republicans). In 2004 the total was nearly $1.5 million (43% to Democrats, 57% to Republicans). * The largest commercial bank in the United States, Citigroup, maintains connections through its board of directors with 25 corporations. The 153 boards of directors representi