Did You Know

While watching, or when you've finished, what comes to mind? What does this make you consider, to think about, to wonder?


  1. It makes me think more about my educational goals and what type of job outlook I have as an older student. It also made me feel old!! I have seen the times change from no one having a home computer to present day when almost everyone does. I wonder what is going to be next? Will my grandkids be able to keep up with technology?

  2. well, the beginning made me feel absolutely stupid. something about the Chinese honor roll exceeds the total number of kids in America. something like that. and it scares me that not long from now, a computer will know so much more than any human alive. its ALOT to think about

  3. My first thought was to be stunned at the information that was being passed along through the presentation. Although a highly effective method of dispersal, my next thought was if the information was true or valid. I settled in and paid closer attention to what was being told to me and then thought of how humans have evolved, how it seems we've made leaps and bounds in our "invention intelligence", I guess you could call it. But, by the time it was all over, I was worn out (or down) by the barrage of information that I began to wonder if it was a marketing ploy of some sort.

    What were they getting at? What was it they really wanted me to know? (I guess that's the psych major in me coming through)

    And then it happened! The very last bit they handed me was a tally on how much music was downloaded illegally. And then I was thinking... Ah, that's what it was REALLY all about. Because... any good psych prof will tell you... Given a list of items, you're more likely to remember those things listed first and last.

    Then I felt duped.

    And, for what it's worth, I do not download music illegally.

  4. Is it any wonder why I feel I can never catch up? I was asking my hubby if it was possible to be too connected, and now I'm more confused than I was before.

  5. It scares me to death.
    I have a kid...

  6. After watching this presentation I was not only convinced I had picked the right career(computer draft and design) but I found my self a bit jelious. why is it other countries tech there children much more?? I would love to be able to work and learn the newest technology before it was released to the public. It would be like a dream come true.

    As far as being scared I cant say that. Im just much more aware of things now. I also found my self thinking about the competition we would be up against if we had problems with these different countries. hopefully, that wont be a problem.

  7. I'll agree with reny... There are days when I feel WAY too connected. I find that my brain doesn't hurt nearly as much if I turn off the ringers on all the phones and don't turn on the TV or computer. It's hard to make it happen. Someone asks a question and you just reach for the computer and the internet. So I just give them an answer or an "I don't know" and I get over it.

    And yes, Jessie, I'm worried for my kid too. I remember the world when she was born, that was 9 years ago. I think about what it'll be like when she heads to college, and I begin to wonder. How can we possibly prepare them?

  8. I know, I didn't even have a computer or a cell phone until after I moved out. I strive to keep up now, and I look at my little boy and I think - my god. To think of the expectations, and the ways of living.. And to worry whether or not we can help them, or they be prepared. The outragous degree of technology is overwhelming. And the rate it's going....

  9. This video amazes me each time i watch it. I watched it this morning in sociology class and I had to show it to my friends when i got home.

  10. What is it that makes it "amazing"?

    What are folks "worried whether or not we can help them (children) be prepared"?

  11. its mostly amazing, because of how much ahead they are. Ever since i was little my parents taught me how ahead of the game America is. How we're sooo advanced and in a way, "better" because of our freedoms. thats what my parents said at least. but apparently I'm the one thats behind. but i think i always knew better. thats what has always made me wonder whether or not i should even have kids later on. what kinda world would i bring them in, down the line?

  12. While watching this prsentation i was kind of stunned like "wow". But afterwards the one thing that stuck with me was the comment about a computer knowing more than any human being alive. We have worked hard for all this knowledge..we are the ones putting this knowledge into the computer, its crazy! then about the Chinese kids-its kind of sad. All I really could think about is my one year old son and it really scared me.

    Was all this information facts??

  13. The part about China was more than a little depressing. Also, the statistic about India is scary. It makes me think about the possibilities in the future. If asian countries tried to overtake the U.S. I don't know that it would be much of a competition.

  14. It makes me want to keep up and not fall behind. I feel the need to get by on less sleep and spend more time browsing the internet for information and to keep in touch with what my friends are up to, lest I miss out on something monumental.

    I also wonder how much information from that video was true and how much of it was just good marketing.

    Is the beginning of the end? :) Of course, since human beings could ponder the end they have thought about it. But if I a computer will be able to out compute the whole human race what would it need us for. Maybe the whole purpose of the human race is to create sentient AI.

    Of course all these are just predictions. We were supposed to already have had flying cars and robots to do stuff for us so I'm not extremely worried. I guess we'll deal with it when we come to it.

  15. DeAnna,

    I addressed the issue of accuracy with a previous post called "Did You Know" resources.

    I also would be pretty careful to post something like this if I had legitimate questions about its authenticity.


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