Monday, March 2, 2009

Multimedia message

Does this restaurant sign violate cultural norms? Is it odd to see political expressions mixed with pizza?


  1. Yeah this sign violates cultural norms. Signs are a means for free advertisement, and most places will use them for free advertisement...
    -the pizza competition restaurant manager

  2. but, what norms (what is acceptable) does the sign violate, if any?

  3. People normally look towards restaurants thinking about food, not expecting opinions or political expressions. It is odd around here. Usually the only signs with sayings on them are churches. And to mix politics with pizza - that's like mixing high and lower class..

    The sign makes people think.

    Whether it's against cultural norms, a waste of advertising and hurting their business, people hungry and confused, or swerving and pissed off. It's different.

  4. Americanism?! Seriously, is that really a word? Someone should tell them, "Hey I think your ignorance is hanging out!" They are always protesting against the "system". I think it's a waste of good space.

  5. There is a conservative sentiment in Owensboro. I wonder how/if the message will affect the sale of salad, breadsticks, and pizza?