Friday, April 10, 2009

"China's birth limits create dangerous gender gap"

China's birth limits create dangerous gender gap

The news report above was sent to me by soc student, S. Tanner. 

After reading the article, what else is assumed about violent crime as it relates to men and women? 

Lastly, 5 extra credit points to the first student that can go to the Population Reference Bureau website, and post as a comment to this post the following information:

*  the top five most populated countries in the world
*  the number living in each of those countries


  1. 2008
    China 1,324.7
    India 1,149.3
    United States 304.5
    Indonesia 239.9
    Brazil 195.1
    Robert Askins

  2. That was quick!

    Winner winner chicken dinner!

  3. well, if the situation was reversed, and there was more women than men, the concern about violent crime may not be there. it's generally assumed that women are less violent than men. i understand why they feel the need to limit the number of people in their country, but the thought of how many girls get aborted or abandoned and killed is staggering. this isn't only an environmental problem, but a moral one as well. if they keep on this way, surely their population will go down because there won't be enough women to marry.

  4. In my opinion, their way of handeling the population is interfering with the natual order of nature. And I just wonder if women will ever become more valued in that country if there isn't enough for the men to each have a partner.
    I think it's very sad the callous veiw they have of abortion,to me it could never and will never be a thing to consider. But to do it based on a child's gender is beyond terrible.
    So if the crime rate goes up it is of there own making.
    I understand they have to try to control their population. But at what cost???