Friday, October 9, 2009

Google Wave Review 2

Why Collaboration is a sticking point

It will be very interesting to see what informal and formal situations will guide the use of Google Wave.

Given the heightened nature of interaction, how often, and how deep will participants Wave?

There's no question that social networking sites as Facebook and Twitter have filled a gap of connection for nearly every cohort, at least in US society.

But what about the depth of interaction, the willingness to "work together" on not only relationships, but informal and formal projects? At a basic level, will users get together via Google Wave to plan a night on the town, a short field trip, or share images, video, and other artifacts regarding an event or experience?

For organizations that thrive on collaboration of ideas and projects, an adoption of the Google Wave "system" into their existing communication structure would be ideal. This potential that I garnered from watching the initial Google Wave video struck me as profound.

That indeed might be what is needed for users to experience the possibilities as it relates to meaningful communication with strangers and significant others alike. I just don't know that people have a willingness or desire for the type of communication that Google Wave can afford. Yet.

Will casual use over time by participants result in enough of a critical mass that Google Wave could have the type of benefit regarding human communication and collaboration that would come near its potential? Likely only on a community (both real and virtual) by community basis at first.

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