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Gaming: Fake achievement

Below is an interesting self analysis of sorts regarding the psychology of achievement in videogaming. This is also interesting as an illustration of Mead's work on the social significance of play and games.

Free Food inspires

so Chik Fil A is offering a free meal deal for a year, or something...people are camping out for this?? --at

Interactive Map Showing Immigration Data Since 1880

Very interesting analysis of changes in immigration over time

From the New York Times, "Who's Hurting the Most?"

Fantastic look at the current unemployment rate by demographic category.  Some telling numbers.

Episode 10: The Pizza Preacher


Social Isolation and New Technology

The following report contains a reassessment of the role of technology in fostering connections and social networks. Appears the use of technology has exceeded normalization, and is becoming an important aspect of communication and ongoing connection?

Industrial production: Great Depression vs. Great Recession