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...why I'm seeking to add Facebook friends

After what I felt was a much needed break, I decided today that I indeed wanted to return to Facebook.  Why does this warrant a blog post?  Because I feel the need to at least respond to the previous post as to why I deleted my friends to begin with. While I deleted all of my Facebook friends in September 2012, I've still been using Facebook to "digest information" from Pages and similar interests.  I posted a couple of status updates during that time, but "Liked" next to zero status updates, and commented only a couple of times on my spouse's Facebook feed.  I sincerely have enjoyed the respite from Facebook, and all the psychological angst (for lack of a better word) that comes with maintaining one's Facebook identity.  I believe my time away will help me to better manage Facebook, and perhaps enable me to better use Facebook to compliment my person. While I have gained a lot of perspective on the experience of "being away", I've