Monday, November 25, 2019

A brief word about organization of this blog

I became employed in fields related to Sociology in the early 2000s. I produced several documents and was involved in public health planning and evaluation from the early 2000s to 2006. Some of that work was put online as an effort to create more awareness for local and regional constituencies. I look to post some of that work through this blog.

I began blogging in late 2004. I started with The Owensboro Blog and The Sociology Blog. Both blogs will still exist but I've merged both of those blogs (along with a couple of other personal blogs) into this one. Of those posts that have been merged many remain in their original form. I prefer them this way to maintain historical perspective and as a record of that work originating 15 years ago. As a result some posts have missing links and wording consistent with those blogs. As someone that has been involved in social media and social networking since its explosion on the internet scene, I do like to go back in time as a way of sharing with students the early days of web 2.0.

A major benefit of a blog is the ability to organize content by labels and by date. You'll see in this blog I have a label for each blog post to better organize the content for myself and for any readers. 

My intention is to provide a broad array of course content and links to that material through the labeling of posts. I will also organize my perspectives, random content, photography, and all other subject matter by way of labels. At the time of this posting there are over 350 posts with labels. Much of that work was short form posts designed to provide focused material for students.

Lastly, the writing style varies quite a bit throughout these blog posts. This reflects the purpose of posts in the past, how I used several different blogs, and my how my writing may change in future posts. Expect variety as you may peruse through this blog.

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