Monday, November 25, 2019

Purpose of this blog as of November 2019

I plan to use this blog as a space for many things. It will bring together mid to long form ideas and content relative to my career in Sociology, to teaching, to my family, to my DJ and related work, to new ideas and projects, and as a place for me to breathe life into more random mid to long form content. But ultimately this blog will exist in conjunction with several online services as a way for me to provide a narrative to my life. I do not plan on regular posts. I will use Facebook, Instagram, and perhaps Twitter for that. More long form content though will show up on this blog, but it will be irregular.

When I began dabbling in music production then DJing, my intent was to get myself involved in something that did not have an end goal in mind. It was a creative endeavor with no expectations. It however quickly morphed into something more. However, I’ve been very open and intent on keeping the original purpose of my entertainment work in mind: for creativity, and for fun.

I’m approaching this blog with a very similar intent. I plan to use it to serve as the mid to long form narrative for many things. Developing this portion of my website is not for the intent of monetization. Meaning, I’m not doing this for money. I’m not opposed to that happening, and I could see in places where it could. With the availability of so many wonderful digital services, look at this blog, website, and web presence as something like a modern, rich media book. Yes, I’ve thought about writing a book, but find this approach to be much more editable, with a host of possibilities, and more interesting. I have been using Google and its applications for years. I have a whole trove of content in Google Drive, in Google Photos, and on YouTube. I look to integrate some of that in a more public, digestable form.

The newer content I look to share on this blog will be related to ideas and experiences, and perhaps as a way to flesh out new projects. I also will use this blog as a way to provide deeper sociological analysis of key local, state, national, and perhaps national issues. I want to develop the sociology portion of this blog so as to integrate classroom sociology with public sociology. I’m excited to share with the broader public some of my work and insights on a host of sociologically related content.

I also look to share perspectives on parenting, marriage, creativity, and other topics. Lastly, I look to use this blog as a model for others with similar ideas they’d like to get up off the ground. While I’m both a public and private person, I do like to share my narrative on my own terms. This blog will help to develop my life narrative, in my voice.

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