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Gun deaths in the U.S.: 10 key questions answered | Pew Research Center

Gun deaths in the U.S.: 10 key questions answered | Pew Research Center

Mid 2022: on moving forward

Pre-covid I had just revised this blog with the intent of writing more, in the long form. Once covid hit those plans certainly changed as I found myself scrambling to revise (on the fly) my Sociology curriculum and course design for my students in March 2020. That continued for the remainder of that semester and even into the 2020-21 school year. It even continued well into the 2021-2022. It wasn't until halfway through the spring semester that masks came off, and some faux return to normalcy had begun. I still don't think we are "back to normal," and don't know that things will ever be the same. I don't mean that to sound sad. It just is. Amidst the covid years I had several surgical procedures and certainly those things that I had planned pre-covid were put on hold. I had to set my mind towards taking care of myself, my family, and doing our best to make it through. I'm sure others, in their own way, can relate. So here we are now back at the start of a

Martin Luther King, Jr. as a student

Fun fact about Martin Luther King, Jr. While a student at Morehouse College, Dr. King majored in Sociology. Here are courses in Sociology that he took as part of his bachelor's degree. -Introduction to Sociology -Contemporary Social Trends in America  -Social Anthropology  -Social Institutions -Social Legislation  -Seminar in Sociology  -Statistics  -Principles and Methods of Statistics  -Seminar in Sociology  -Intercultural Relations #MLK

Music playlists commemorating my 50th birthday

As I approached my 50th birthday in 2022, I had an idea of creating an anniversary playlist commemorating important songs and music in my life the past 50 years. Music has been a very important part of my life. As I thought about this playlist I began to realize that there were specific times in my life and a musical playlist that marked it. It's been a joy to create this and to look back on the music in my life. I'm also very happy to be able to provide this to my children so they know what music has moved their pop! I present the playlists below in this order because it's the style of music which I currently listen. I also present a brief paragraph introducing each playlist. While some songs appear in a playlist I have to say that some of these songs I don't listen to much anymore. In particular the rock and roll playlist. Those songs were quite relevant to me as a late teen and into my 20s but I developed other interests outside of rock and roll. The very last pla

Introduction to Sociology: lecture videos

I've decided to make public and available all of my Introduction to Sociology lecture videos that I've made since the beginning of the pandemic. These are produced, directed, etc by me. They are intentionally basic and not flashy. YouTube playlist is below (28 videos).