Tuesday, April 2, 2013

...why I'm seeking to add Facebook friends

After what I felt was a much needed break, I decided today that I indeed wanted to return to Facebook.  Why does this warrant a blog post?  Because I feel the need to at least respond to the previous post as to why I deleted my friends to begin with.

While I deleted all of my Facebook friends in September 2012, I've still been using Facebook to "digest information" from Pages and similar interests.  I posted a couple of status updates during that time, but "Liked" next to zero status updates, and commented only a couple of times on my spouse's Facebook feed.  I sincerely have enjoyed the respite from Facebook, and all the psychological angst (for lack of a better word) that comes with maintaining one's Facebook identity.  I believe my time away will help me to better manage Facebook, and perhaps enable me to better use Facebook to compliment my person.

While I have gained a lot of perspective on the experience of "being away", I've also been able to validate in my mind that communication via Facebook and similar services has become a norm, and continues to change.  I don't sense we are out of the communication revolution, just yet.  At least where I live, getting together physically with others for casual social interaction is now something of a past time.  Instead of investing limited and valuable time with acquaintances and friends, people use Facebook and similar services to mediate that lack of time, but to maintain casual social ties with others.  Any extra personal time is perhaps left with close family and friends.  I understand that.

Thus, I decided to come back to Facebook with a more visible presence.  I miss the interplay, I still would like more out of Facebook and others, but I also understand that these services are now part of the communication ecosystem.

So, I hope you'll have me back...