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A brief word about organization of this blog

I became employed in fields related to Sociology in the early 2000s. I produced several documents and was involved in public health planning and evaluation from the early 2000s to 2006. Some of that work was put online as an effort to create more awareness for local and regional constituencies. I look to post some of that work through this blog. I began blogging in late 2004. I started with The Owensboro Blog and The Sociology Blog. Both blogs will still exist but I've merged both of those blogs (along with a couple of other personal blogs) into this one. Of those posts that have been merged many remain in their original form. I prefer them this way to maintain historical perspective and as a record of that work originating 15 years ago. As a result some posts have missing links and wording consistent with those blogs. As someone that has been involved in social media and social networking since its explosion on the internet scene, I do like to go back in time as a way of sharing

Purpose of this blog as of November 2019

I plan to use this blog as a space for many things. It will bring together mid to long form ideas and content relative to my career in Sociology, to teaching, to my family, to my DJ and related work, to new ideas and projects, and as a place for me to breathe life into more random mid to long form content. But ultimately this blog will exist in conjunction with several online services as a way for me to provide a narrative to my life. I do not plan on regular posts. I will use Facebook, Instagram, and perhaps Twitter for that. More long form content though will show up on this blog, but it will be irregular. When I began dabbling in music production then DJing, my intent was to get myself involved in something that did not have an end goal in mind. It was a creative endeavor with no expectations. It however quickly morphed into something more. However, I’ve been very open and intent on keeping the original purpose of my entertainment work in mind: for creativity, and for fun. I’m appro

How I got to this point

Since its modern inception in the late 1990s, the “blog” has been standard shorthand for an online web log. I’ve had some interest in the internet and web design for quite some time so the launch of a web interface that allowed the user to easily interface with a public or private publication resource was appealing. So I began blogging in 2004 while still part time teaching in Sociology at the collegiate level. At the time my work life centered around using my background in sociology in the fields of public health and education. During those early days I blogged at The Sociology Blog, The Owensboro Blog, and The Gesser Blog. This was a good way for me to practice public sociology, to have a voice addressing dynamics in my local community, and to capture family and personal memories for historical preservation. We had our second child born in 2004 and two additional children since. I've been fortunate that our life circumstances have allowed me to play a major role in the parenting