Friday, March 27, 2009

Community Infrastructure

Love this bridge


  1. I love this bridge but it seems like you never see anyone using it. I wonder if that's because, in some cases, it doesn't really save you any time?

    I've got to take my daughter to Rockport for gymnastics and it doesn't seem to matter if we take the pretty bridge or the blue bridge, it takes exactly the same amount of time. It's three miles longer to take the new bridge, but the flow of traffic is so much better... we don't have to drive through town. And it STILL takes longer? And a trip to Louisville? The new bridge only saves us about 10 minutes.


  2. I love this bridge too! If you look up while under it (if your not driving) it kinda feels like your about to take off on a rocket! haha someone pointed that out to me before. I usually take this bridge going to Louisville, I feel like it does save me some time depending on how fast I drive.