Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Soc Peeps: the Lesbian(s) and the Water Fountain

krogerchick on Twitter sent this to me today:

krogerchick@profgesser i saw someone refuse to drink from a water fountain after a lesbian drank from it. absolute chaos! made me think about soc

krogerchick@profgesser a man saw two girls all but makin out in front of the store & he went to get a drink later, but saw 1 girl get a drink 1st.

krogerchick@profgesser he says "i be damned if i is gonna drink outta the same fountain as some homo bitch!" she freaked. crazy.

So, in terms of getting a drink from the same water fountain, what do you think the man was worried about? Why?


  1. Was he afraid of catching lesbain kissing sickness or something equally as stupid? Would he have felt the same if it were a man and a woman kissing?? probley not.They could carry the same illness that he is so scared of. Someone needs to educate that man.

  2. I would assume the man was afraid of catching aids? I wouldn't really say he was so much afraid of catching anything as he just wanted to make a big deal out of the girls making a public display of affection. I think he was just trying to draw attention to what he had saw and get other people to react to it as well.

  3. I'm really confused as to why he wouldnt drink out of the water fountain?? anyone could be carrying aids and there is no telling how many people had already drank out of that water fountain! maybe he had a you said it also seems to me that he was just drawing attention to himself and being rude.

  4. keep in mind that according to krogerchick he saw them lip locked in the front of the store prior to the fountain episode...but that certainly doesn't explain away his behavior

    the irony here also is remember that in the civil rights era that whites and blacks drank out of different water fountains...why was that the case then?

    something similar can be applied here: especially given the lack of acceptance of homosexuality in the Owensboro area

  5. Nah, krogerchick said they were "all but makin out" in the front of the store, they weren't liplocked. Still, I assume this guy just didn't like the way they were actin', I assume they were drawing attention, he was probably annoyed no one else was bothered. I could almost assume it could have been two punk kids -not knowin' whether they were straight or not- and the guy still would have said somethin'. I'm picturin' an older redneck here, anyone that would say "homo bitch".
    Have to kind of had been there.
    I don't think he was afraid of catchin' anything, though. Not at all. I don't think he was even "worried".
    Just a jackass. excuse the language.