Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Spring 2012 is here!

Minor updates: November 2019

It's funny.  I looked at my last post here at The Sociology Blog (see directly below).  It mentioned my intent to grow the blog.  The fact of the matter is that the Fall 2011 was nothing short of beastly for me.

What I've also realized is that not everything I do or like to do has to flow only through this blog space.  I have many services I maintain, and most all of that can be accessed now through my homepage.  Click here or visit the "My Website" link above.

Just as in the past, I'm using the following quite a bit.  I'm including these as links directly to content that I've made available to everyone.

In short, as the revised introduction at the top of this page says, I'm going to use this blog for the meantime as historical record.  With my family life (married with three young children), school work and other interests, I just don't find the time and perhaps not the interest to regularly maintain this blog; at least for now.

Again, I curate and am very active with the following services.  You'll see some things when you click them.  Feel free to engage with me.  I'm a regular Twitter user.

Google Reader


The Sociology Interest Links


Presentations and other resources

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